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Sooo, I'm going through some files on my laptop and I come across a very old TMNT fic that I attempted to write but couldn't find the right story line for it.

Day One: The Bet

If there was one thing I prided myself on that was my determination.

‘Cause there was no way in hell I would’ve gotten this far. As the old people say ‘not for a king’s ransom’.

Maybe if I got said it quickly enough I would be misunderstood and could get out by saying I’d done it.

Okay, maybe I’d better explain myself better to the audience that is my mind.

I, Leonardo, had made a bet with my brothers. It was a stupid bet at that. I should have never let my pride get in the way of rational thought. But isn’t that always the case? Now, the bet started with a simple game of Chess. The players were me and, of course, Raphael. The bet went something like this.

“If ya can’t beat me at this game, Bro, then ya hafta explain to that Rabbit Samurai why ya keep givin’ him those goo-goo eyes of yours. Of course tha explanation will be that ya love him more than a friend”

Of course my first thought was, What goo-goo eyes? My thought second was, I don’t like Usagi-san in that way, nimrod.

But being the arrogant prideful person I was, I took the stupid bet.

And I lost, horribly. I swear he must’ve been taking lessons from Donny, because he beat me in only ten moves.

Or he drugged my tea, I mean it did taste a little funny.

Okay, he won the game, I not really worried about that part. I’m wondering how Usagi-san will take the news of my new found love for him.

And the weird thing is, to contradict my earlier thoughts, that I think I do love him, in that way.

Don’t be surprised. I’ve known I was gay since I knew that Raphael had anger management problems. And that’s saying something.

Now that you’re clued in on my little ‘predicament’ I’ll go on to why I can’t do this.

Reason #1: I’m pretty sure that Usagi-san is not gay.

Reason #2: I don’t want to mess up the friendship we have. Sounds corny? Yeah, but it’s the truth.

Reason #3: (If it works out) I’m pretty sure homosexual relationships are not looked kindly upon in this time period and in his.

Reason #4: I’m a freaking turtle! There’s no way it could work out! Did you see the tortoise and the hare make out after the big race? I didn’t think so.

Oh God, here he comes. I will never be able to show my face to my again after this.

Those bastards are fucking laughing! I’m going to kill them after this, I swear!

“Leonardo-san, why are you hiding behind those bushes?”

I froze and turned towards the source of the question. I quickly jumped out of the bushes and stood up as straight as I could. I practically towered over Usagi-san. Great another reason, I’m too tall.

“Leonardo-san, are you quite alright? You look a little dazed.”

I laughed harshly as if he’d said the most hilarious joke of the year. I must sound like a total idiot right now.

“Um, well, you see…”

Crap, think of something. I was being attacked by a giant lizard?

Okay, let’s think of something believable.

“I was practicing my stealth, Usagi-san. Me and my brothers have been slacking lately, especially Raphael, so I decided to get some extra training in before the day ends.”

I held in my laughter at the growl coming from the bushes far down the road. I turned my attention back to Usagi-san who was nodding respectively.

“You can never practice too much, I guess.”

“So I’ll just be going now-“

“Wait, Leonardo-san. Is there something you wanted of me?”

I froze for the second time since I was in his presence. I thought over my choices and decided to go with the easiest one today.

“No, I was just stopping by.”

Usagi nodded respectively.

“I see. I will see you tomorrow, Leonardo-san.”

“...Yeah. Bye, Usagi-san.”

I quickly made my way down the road to the bushes my brothers were in. I was stared at with amused eyes. I scowled.

“Shut up.”

Raphael was the first to speak up after getting the laugh he was dying to release under control.

“Don’t worry, Fearless, Ya got 29 more days before we drop the bomb on him.”

My scowl deepened. I don’t like this plot that my brothers have planned. It’s almost like they had it planned all along.

No, there’s no way. This is just their idea of a good time.

I hope.
I can't believe I wrote this >.<


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