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2010-10-13 11:49 am

Alexander the Grrrreat!

Seriously, just had a discussion with my teacher on the jerk wad. He has a serious anger problem....or he's bipolar....he actually got so angry that he broke the legs of his Indian guides and cut off their hands just because they took a wrong turn at albuquerque, and then left them in the forest to be eaten by the wildlife, if they didn't die from bloodlost at first....


Nevermind, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
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2010-10-13 09:53 pm

Beware of junk from the closet!!

Sooo, I'm going through some files on my laptop and I come across a very old TMNT fic that I attempted to write but couldn't find the right story line for it.

Beware of dust bunnies! )